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180 pages

The Beauty Book of Roxana Rion ...

Creator: Roxana Rion | Beauty, Personal - 1913

Blackheads: How to Remove Them. Whiteheads: How to Cure Them. Dry Skin. Greasy Skin. Red Nose. Pimples. Local Treatment for ... Under-Eye Massage. Ear Massage. Mouth Massage. Nose Massage. Neck Massage. Wrinkles. The Neck. The Hands. Hand Massage. ... How to Cure Dandruff. Baldness. Hair-Splitting. Hair Lice. Premature Grayness. Superfluous Hair. Coloring the Hair. A Sane System ...

The Pathogenetic Cyclopaedia: Chapters 1-3.-v.2. Chapters 4-15

Creator: Robert Ellis Dudgeon | 1850

Innumerable very red pimples on the hairy scalp. Eruption of ... Pimples on the left temple, causing scratching, and exuding bloody serum, paining like raw after rubbing. Two great ... Erysipelas pustulosum on head, face, neck, nape, shoulders and chest. Single hard ... Boil under the left temple. Boil on ... Thin moist eruption on the hairy scalp. A boil at the commencement of the hair on the forehead. Calcarea ... White small papulae on the skin of the forehead like small glands. Cicuta.



My hair is naturally [] Beige D. Ruddy or red D Yellow or sallow D Olive ... Freckles D. Facial hair | (check as many as are appropriate) - [T] Breakouts (acne, whiteheads, pimples) * D. Split ends D Dandruff D Brittle hair D ... and/or lines " hair D. Thinning hair D None of these Dark circles under my eyes * Puffiness under my eyes D None of these 6. ... In th - and chin [] Nape of neck D Very short " £y #" 7.

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