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273 pages

My Life from Air-Bras to Zits

Creator: Barbara Haworth-Attard | Juvenile Fiction - 2009-02-01

As I went to throw the tissue into the garbage can, my eye caught a glimpse of plastic beneath an old shampoo bottle. Hugo pounded so hard the door nearly came off the hinges. “I'll be out in a minute,” I yelled. Now, normally I wouldn't root  ...

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

About this book
"Let's buy you some boobs," she said. Thanks to a freakish act of generosity on the part of her older sister, fourteen-year-old Teresa Tolliver is starting tenth grade with a brand-new bra—and the "womanly profile" she's always wanted. Maybe now she can finally attract the eye of her obsessive crush, Achingly Adorable Adam. Boys like big boobs, right? Or maybe they just are big boobs. But Teresa's bust isn't the only part of her that could use a lift; a panicked fear of falling to the bottom of the high school social hierarchy has left her self-confidence a little flat, too. Meanwhile, her soon-to-be married sister is a shrieking bridezilla, her grandfather is starting to show scary signs of dementia, and someone in the house is pregnant. By the end of the year, Teresa's ego is starting to feel as battered and worn as her air bra. Will either make it out intact? Or will they both end up popped and lopsided? "Barbara Haworth-Attard has crafted a juicy romp through the mind of an uncertain, hyperbolic, and delightfully-flawed 14-year-old girl . . . Highly Recommended." —Canadian Review of Materials

48 pages

How to Survive Zits and Bad Hair Days

Creator: Lisa Miles, Xanna Eve Chown | Juvenile Nonfiction - 2013-07-15

It happens * Ge" 3 gm" ha"°""~ mg W'll help prevent bad hair dags from happening. Ask gour hairdresser for a low-maintenance stgle that suits gour face shape. 9h pick a product. Use the right shampoo and conditioner. lf gour hair is too frizzg, ...

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group

About this book
Girls who are on the verge of entering--or are already experiencing--puberty need good advice for managing its daily challenges. Covering everything from managing one's period to surviving an ill-timed zit, the subject is addressed with helpful information, practical suggestions, and straight talk, delivered with just the right amount of zest and humor. Quick quizzes, diary entries, fun photos, and a colorful, modern design add to the book's appeal.

488 pages

Pets, Part of the Family, The Total Care Guide for All the Pets in Your Life

Creator: Mark Bricklin | Pets - 1999-04-01

Away. the. Zits. ctj Try gently washing (patting) an acne-infected area once or twice a day with warm water and pet shampoo on a clean washcloth. If the acne does not clear up, call your vet, who may prescribe something stronger. HEALTH  ...

Publisher: Rodale

About this book
Written by pet-lovers for pet-lovers, this engaging book tells you how to care for, clean, train, and entertain all sorts of animals, from canine to reptile. The Total Care Guide For All the Pets in Your Life features the same kind of practical advice, first-person stories from the experts, and amazing anecdotes from pet owners as the new public television series, featuring Gary Burghoff (Radar O'Reilly of M*A*S*H).The content is comprehensive, directed to pet owners who have (or are fascinated by) more than one animal. The information is authoritative, drawing on the wisdom of the nation's top veterinarians, trainers, and behaviorists. Fascinating sidebars include pet owners' personal stories and intriguing anecdotes from veterinarians.Dogs, cats, ferrets, snakes, birds, hamsters, rabbits, and other pets both popular and obscure are included in this comprehensive guide. A wide range of topics is covered, from health care to behavior issues. Each chapter is packed with practical, easy-to-follow advice, useful tips, and quick solutions. Fun-loving, browsable, and entirely trustworthy, this rollicking reference both informs and celebrates what it means to live with, love, and care for your pets.

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