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354 pages

Innocence To Glory—Michael's War

Creator: Robert Bailey | Fiction - 2002-08-22

“Ifyou want to get into a contest about looks, my nose is too big, I get more zits than you do and my boobs are too small,” she said. “Baloney! Your nose ... She opened it, looked inside, closedit and put it back in his pocket. “Was it embarrassing ...

Publisher: iUniverse

About this book
One of the most amazing things about the history of this world of ours is how so many kids who left their simple life of innocence, traveled clear across the planet to far off and strange lands, fought a life and death struggle with our enemies and gained their glory, saving our democratic way of life then came home to a different world, a world they had once again made safe for us all.

160 pages

Big Bang

Creator: Ron Goulart | Fiction - 2012-06-05

to get the idea we is softies.” After blowing his tiny nose on the bandanna, he hid it away in a fringed pocket of his jacket. Down on the ... 'Oh, Jesus, thanks a million for makin' me white on the outside an' on the inside. ... I could do without this wart on my nose an' these little zits on my chin, but all in all, thanks for ever' thin'.

Publisher: Open Road Media

About this book
His brain scrambled, Jake tries to clear himself of a murder chargeJake Pace comes to on the floor of a dungeon, where a robot jailer is killing rats. The last twenty-four hours are a blank; he doesn’t remember anything since he stepped into his skycar, chasing a tip on the Big Bang murders. For weeks the killings have stumped every officer in the government—costing six of them their lives—but a soprano named Palsy Hatchbacker told Jake she knew something that could break open the case. Before he met Miss Hatchbacker, a carnation-wearing goon spritzed Jake with a memory-wiping spray. When the police found him, he was sleeping peacefully next to Palsy’s corpse, a laser pistol in his hand.  While he rots in jail, the Big Bang killer continues his rampage. Only Jake can bring him to justice, but first he must break out of an inescapable jail.

141 pages

You Are Not Alone, 15 People With Behcet's

Creator: Joanne Zeis | Behçet's disease - 1997-04-01

They're on my cheekbones and on the end of my nose, or sometimes right along the hairline where you can't see them as much. They get about as big as a dime, and they're like little red goose eggs. ln the beginning, l used to think they were really huge zits, and l'd try to cover them up with makeup. l could use a whole half a bottle and it wouldn't do much good. ... runs a risk of developing cataracts - more than someone who's taking that drug and staying inside all the time. l didn't want ...

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