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64 pages

Help! I'm a Junior High Youth Worker!, 50 Ways to Survive and Thrive in Ministry to Early Adolescents

Creator: Mark Oestreicher | Religion - 2010-10-05

ZITS. The physical changes triggered at puberty are enough to wreck anyone's life, at least temporarily. Along with trying to manage voices that warble indecisively over ... They sprout hair on legs, arms, under armpits, and in the pubic area.

Publisher: Zondervan

About this book
To Be a Junior High Youth Worker . . . takes a distinct kind of adult, just as junior highers are a distinct kind of people. Betwixt and between though they may be, early adolescents are as capable of a genuine spiritual understanding and growth as high schoolers. It’s just that junior highers absorb Bible teaching and demonstrate their spirituality—well, differently. Help! I’m a Junior High Youth Worker! is your primer for understanding young teenagers, then teaching them with a mind-set and with methods that fit them. First Things First. Three axioms that define your territory as a junior high youth worker. So Just What Is a Junior Higher, Anyway? The essence of early adolescence: the need for appropriate rules . . . the dilemma of throwing sixth graders and eighth graders together in the same program . . . small is good. Developmentally Speaking. Changes junior highers enjoy and endure cognitively, emotionally, socially, spiritually . . . their changing relationships with parents . . . individuation and hair under their arms. Time to Teach! Your required dose of pedagogy: the case for fun learning . . . ten top teaching topics for middle school ministry . . . how simulations, role plays, and storytelling can be your best teaching methods for early adolescents. Faith Outside the Youth Room. Spiritual discipleship for middle schoolers: they don’t have to be high schoolers to begin forming habits of prayers, service, and outreach. Help! I’m a Junior High Youth Worker! is help at hand surviving and thriving in ministry to early adolescents.

192 pages

Zits from Python Pit #6

Creator: M. D. Payne | Juvenile Fiction - 2015-04-21

“They're probably just stunned by the current under the waterfall,” said Director Z. “They'll be fine, but I'm afraid they won't come ... He flipped me, and Gil once again held up the gross brown armpit raisin that he had tried to feed me before.

Publisher: Penguin

About this book
After defeating an evil mummy in Egypt, Chris and the others are mystically summoned to the heart of the Congo by a new evil. There they find a legendary serpent beast that has infected all the kids with nasty, blistery, snake-filled zits. Together with their monster friends, the kids have to uncover the secret of the Python Pit and defeat this new slithering threat before it’s too late.

241 pages

Seventy Times Seven

Creator: Salvatore Sapienza | Fiction - 2006-01-01

It looked like a pimple. I didn't think people got zits in their armpits. When I touched it with my left index finger, the bump hurt and it was hard. Tim and Hal came over to examine it with me. "Did you ever get a zit under your arm?" I asked them.

Publisher: Psychology Press

About this book
Brother Vito Fortunato teaches the boys in his high school religion class, but it's Vito himself who has the most trouble with forgiveness: he's torn between his spirituality and his sexuality as a fully out and proud gay man. Will a summer of volunteer work at an AIDS centre in San Francisco help him decide his calling? Seventy Times Seven is apoignant, sexy, funny and romantic novel set in the early 1990s about a young man's struggle to integrate his religious beliefs with his sexual desires.

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