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128 pages

Zits, Sketchbook #1

Creator: Jerry Scott, Jim Borgman | Humor - 1998-09-01

Collection of black-and-white cartoon strips featuring the adventures of Zits, a fifteen-year old boy.

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

About this book
Fitting in. Being different. Growing up. Staying a kid: Zits is a comic strip about the funniest, most painfully emotionally charged, physically demanding, mentally challenging, and colorful times of our lives--adolescence. Those who are living it can relate. And those who have been through it cannot remember the time without smiling, or at least wincing at the arrogance and ignorance we all mistook as maturity during those few eternal years.Zits: Sketchbook #1 is an inside look at life from the point of view of Jeremy, a private 15-year-old who is desperately hacking his way out of childhood and into maturity. He labors in the shadow of Chad, his perfect older brother who is away at college. Jeremy is a freshman in high school whose main pastimes are hanging out with his best friend, Hector Garcia, forming a garage band, and being amazed at his parents' spectacular ignorance about almost everything. Impatient, self-absorbed, emotional, and bored silly, Jeremy is the essence of adolescence. Zits resonates with its fans because the strip contains so much truth and insight, wrapped in an uproarious context that's all too familiar to everyone who's been 15 or has parented a teenager.

256 pages

Zits: Chillax

Creator: Jerry Scott | Juvenile Fiction - 2013-05-21

Written and illustrated by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman, Zits: Chillax is based on their comic strip, Zits. The book features 300 illustrations—including hilarious full-page comics. Zits jumps from the comics page to the bookshelf!

Publisher: HarperTeen

About this book
Comic god Stan Lee says Zits is a “comedic masterpiece!” Fans of funny illustrated YA novels such as Drama by Raina Telgemeier and Teen Angst? Naaah… by Ned Vizzini will definitely want to read Zits: Chillax. In Zits: Chillax, Jeremy Duncan, high school sophomore and future rock god, offers up a comedic outlook on teenage life, including school, parents, chores, bands, and friends. Jeremy and his best friend, Hector Garcia, are planning to achieve a lifelong dream…going to a rock concert! Without parental supervision. But the Gingivitis concert falls on the same night their friend Tim is donating bone marrow for his mom, a cancer patient. Not a problem: Jeremy and Hector are determined to go to the show…for Tim. Written and illustrated by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman, Zits: Chillax is based on their comic strip, Zits. The book features 300 illustrations—including hilarious full-page comics.

248 pages

Alternative Zits, A Zits Treasury

Creator: Jerry Scott, Jim Borgman | Humor - 2007-09-01

Also by Jerry Scott andJimBorgman Zits: Sketchbook1 Growth Spurt: Zits Sketchbook 2 Don't Roll Your Eyes at Me, Young Man!: Zits Sketchbook 3 Are We an “Us”?: Zits Sketchbook 4 Zits Unzipped: Zits Sketchbook 5 Busted!: Zits Sketchbook ...

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

About this book
How do you guys do it? My sons both say you've got the teenage mind down pat. My wife and I know you've got the parent-of-a-teenager mind down pat. Did you live in my house or what?" -The Washington PostMore About Alternative ZitsIn Zits, Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman sublimely manipulate the two seemingly disparate worlds of teenagedom and parenthood to create a strip that is equally enjoyed by teens and their parents. Twice honored as the Best Newspaper Comic Strip, Zits appears in more than 1,500 newspapers and entertains a fan base of more than 45 million.Appealingly portraying the angst and insecurities associated with growing up, Alternative Zits: A Zits Treasury follows sixteen-year old Jeremy Duncan as his parents, Connie and Walt, masterfully guide him through life's everyday challenges. This collection features all strips from Are We Out of the Driveway Yet? and Rude, Crude, and Tattooed.


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