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128 pages

Zits, Sketchbook #1

Creator: Jerry Scott, Jim Borgman | 1998-09-01

Zits resonates with its fans because the strip contains so much truth and insight, wrapped in an uproarious context that's all too familiar to everyone who's been 15 or has parented a teenager.

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Pub

About this book
Fitting in. Being different. Growing up. Staying a kid: Zits is a comic strip about the funniest, most painfully emotionally charged, physically demanding, mentally challenging, and colorful times of our lives--adolescence. Those who are living it can relate. And those who have been through it cannot remember the time without smiling, or at least wincing at the arrogance and ignorance we all mistook as maturity during those few eternal years.Zits: Sketchbook #1 is an inside look at life from the point of view of Jeremy, a private 15-year-old who is desperately hacking his way out of childhood and into maturity. He labors in the shadow of Chad, his perfect older brother who is away at college. Jeremy is a freshman in high school whose main pastimes are hanging out with his best friend, Hector Garcia, forming a garage band, and being amazed at his parents' spectacular ignorance about almost everything. Impatient, self-absorbed, emotional, and bored silly, Jeremy is the essence of adolescence. Zits resonates with its fans because the strip contains so much truth and insight, wrapped in an uproarious context that's all too familiar to everyone who's been 15 or has parented a teenager.


Creator: 2010 CALENDARS |

256 pages

Big honkin' Zits, a Zits treasury

Creator: Jerry Scott, Jim Borgman | 2001-08-28

Follows Jeremy's adventures as he copes with aspects of teenage life including parents, school, and friends.

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Pub

About this book
Widely lauded by critics, colleagues, and readers, Zitsis has been twice honored with the National Cartoonists Society's Reuben Award as the Best Newspaper Comic Strip, and received the Max and Moritz Award for Best International Comic Strip. This treasury, Big Honkin' Zits, represents a compilation of Don't Roll Your Eyes at Me, Young Man!and Are We an "Us"?. With friends and family, Jeremy ponders life's great philosophical questions, such as, "If the universe is constantly expanding, how come the sky never gets any bigger?" He tackles serious issues, too, deciding with his buddy, Hector, to shave his head to support a friend's mom who's battling cancer. Big Honkin' Zitsmasterfully guides its readers through the real-life joys and heartaches of being a teenager.

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Zits - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Zits is a comic strip written by cartoonist Jerry Scott and illustrated by Jim Borgman about the life of Jeremy Duncan, a 16-year-old high school sophomore ...


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