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A Dictionary of Chemistry and the Allied Branches of Other Sciences

Chemistry - 1879

Baw coffee-berries are dried at 100°, and then finely powdered. ... By this means all the caffeine, as well as some other matters, passes into solution. ... The ether is then distilled off, and the pure caffeine remains. ... 100 grams of liquid dissolve atl5°-17°of Caffeine Coefficient of solubility at 16°-17° of Caffeine 100 grams of liquid dissolve at boiling ... solubility at boiling heat of Caffeine Hy- drated Anhydrous Hy- drated Anhydrous Hydra ted Anhydrous Hy- dratcd Anhydrous Chloroform ...

Year Book of Pharmacy

British Pharmaceutical Conference - 1877

Five grams of finely powdered and carefully sifted coffee are made into a hard paste with one gram of calcined ... The green powder thus obtained is introduced into a small flask, connected with a Liebig's condenser, and boiled three successive times witli 100 grams of anhydrous chloroform on a ... On evaporating the united filtrates lr a tared capsule, pure caffeine is left in the form of white crystals.

About this book
Includes the transactions of the British Pharmaceutical Conference at its 7th-64th annual meetings.

Journal of Applied Microscopy

Microscope and microscopy - 1900

gTams. grams. Advance Decline Ammonium Phosphate, chem. pure, cryst 1-25 Sulphite, " " 20 160 Tartrate, neutral, cryst 2.50 Amyl Acetate, pure 100 Nitrate, in sealed tubes 40 ... -80 Asbestos, powder Barium Acetate, absolutely chem. pure . 15 1.25 " " pure 80 com'l 60 " Hyperoxlde, anhydrous, ... container included net. . 25 .90 Cadmium Metal, sheets 3.50 •• sticks 3.50 Sulphide, light 30 4.50 Caffeine Benzoate, true salt Citrate, 40 Hydrobromlde, cryst., -0° Salicylate, 75 and Sodium.

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Caffeine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Caffeine is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant of the methylxanthine class. It is the world's most widely consumed psychoactive drug, but — unlike many other ...


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