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224 pages

Beauty by God, Inside-Out Secrets for Every Woman

Creator: Shelly Ballestero | Health & Fitness - 2009-01-02

Here's atip: Using the frontof your handas a palette, squirt a small amount of product ontoyour hand and apply to your face with a disposable applicator. ... You can use alcohol; it's little harsh, but it works in emergencies. You a may also use a ...

Publisher: Revell

About this book
Some Christian women believe they must downplay their appearance in order to be godly, but looking your best doesn't have to mean maintaining a supermodel image. Women can be creative with their appearance and enhance God's gift of beauty without feeling guilty. Women face the world each day under pressure to look their best. How can they balance the desire to uncover and maintain God-given outer beauty with inner beauty arising from their faith? Beauty coach Shelly Ballestero helps women navigate pressure from the world to meet unrealistic standards of outer perfection and inspires them to discover the true beauty God designed in them, inside and out! Beauty by God offers the reader both spiritual principles to develop inner beauty and practical tips for caring for her God-given body.

400 pages

A Practical Guide to Beauty Therapy for NVQ Level 2

Creator: Janet Simms | Health & Fitness - 1998-01-01

Facial Underarm Using a disposable applicator (warm wax) system The wax is contained in a compact unit equipped with ... Using a roll-on (warm wax) applicator system The wax used for this type of system works at a higher temperature than ...

Publisher: Nelson Thornes

About this book
Places an emphasis on the development of practical beauty skills, guiding students through the course with clear explanations, illustrations, and practice tips. This title contains chapters on professional roles and responsibilities, including health, hygiene, and safety. It also covers cosmetic, skin and nail disorders in full colour.

304 pages

The Inflammation-Free Diet Plan

Creator: Monica Reinagel | Health & Fitness - 2007-05-21

Unfortunately, many people unwittingly eat foods that greatly contribute to inflammation. This useful book explains how to eat to remain inflammation-free and healthy.

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

About this book
A revolutionary diet to help you lose weight and control disease-causing inflammation The Inflammation-Free Diet Plan will help you achieve your ideal weight--without fad dieting--while also reducing pain and allergies, slowing the aging process, and dramatically reducing your risk for dozens of medical problems. This flexible, easy-to-follow program is the ideal nutritional solution for every member of the family. At the heart of the program is the revolutionary IF Rating system that, for the first time, tells you the inflammatory or anti-inflammatory effects of all of the foods you eat. The IF Rating integrates more than twenty different nutritional factors, including essential fatty acids, glycemic index, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds into a single rating which guides your food choices for the day. You no longer have to worry about choosing the right types of carbs or fats, or even counting calories--the IF Rating combines all those factors into a simple, holistic system for healthy eating! And unlike other programs that focus only on carbohydrates or fats, the IF Rating system also shows you which proteins are healthy and which provoke inflammation. It all adds up to a uniquely healthful, easy to follow diet plan that fights illness and promotes weight loss! The Inflammation-Free Diet Plan gives you: IF Ratings for more than 1,500 common foods, listed both alphabetically and by categories, such as “Breakfast Cereals” and “Meats” Self-assessments for measuring your level of systemic inflammation A choice of three customizable eating plans: Preventative/Maintenance, Therapeutic, and Accelerated Weight-Loss Three weeks worth of daily meal plans and dozens of delicious anti-inflammatory recipes With The Inflammation-Free Diet Plan, you'll learn how to stop the silent enemy in its tracks and get started on the road to a longer, healthier, more vibrant life--today.

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Here's a video of my first time using the It Works Facial Applicator; Scary...maybe a little! BUT the benefits far exceed a temporary look as Jason for 45 ...

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It Works Ultimate Body Applicator (aka It Works Body Wrap) is a first to market botanically infused applicator that has ingredients that immediately get to work to ...

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Congratulations for finding one of the world’s best kept secrets. Our It Works Ultimate Body Applicator is a first to market botanically infused applicator that has ...

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It Works! Review. It Works is a body contouring system company that has recently branched out to sell more supplements through a MLM sales structure.

It Works Body Applicator Ingredients
Disclaimer: It Works! and its Independent Representatives Make No Curative Claims These Statements Have Not Been Evaluated by the FDA These Products are Not Intended ...


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