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Fashion - 2000

BEAUTY maintain these results. ... He has his patients use his eponymous line of skin-care products that contain a nonirritating ester form of vitamin C, along with ... Then there are the many different forms of microder- mabrasion, mellower versions (as its name implies) of dermabrasion. ... Since it requires no local anesthetic or sedation, microdermabrasion can be performed at a salon or spa. ... And a new machine that is under the brand name of NewApeel, doesn't even use particles.

74 pages

Farm Physics

Creator: David L Kaas | Health & Fitness - 2009-11

This New “South Spun Fluid Concept” dovetails with the now famous “7 Year Cellular Rebuild Theory” in our own bodies!

Publisher: PublishAmerica

About this book
 This New “South Spun Fluid Concept” dovetails with the now famous “7 Year Cellular Rebuild Theory” in our own bodies! A modern-day breakthrough for all ages. Not only new answers for the overweight problem but an explanation for the “Aging Affect” as well. Truly a book for ALL AGES! Best wishes to one and all, now you really can “live long and prosper.

632 pages

Cultural Encyclopedia of the Body

Creator: Victoria Pitts-Taylor | Social Science - 2008-09-30

Presents alphabetically arranged entries about each body part, discussing historical views, prejudices, practices, and health concerns, as well as cultural and sociological perspectives.

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

About this book
Pop culture and the media today are saturated with the focus on the aesthetics of the human body. Magazines and infotainment shows speculate whether this or that actress had breast implants or a nose job. Americans are not just focusing on celebrities but on themselves too and today have unprecedented opportunities to rework what nature gave them. One can now drop in to have cosmetic surgery at the local mall. Contemplating the superficial nature of it all grows tiresome, and pop culture vultures and students can get a better fix for their fascination with the body beautiful through the cultural insight provided in this amazing set. "Cultural Encyclopedia of the Body" is a treasure trove of essays that explore the human body alphabetically by part, detailing practices and beliefs from the past and present and from around the world that are sometimes mind-blowing and eye-popping. Body parts are examined through a multifaceted cultural lens. Readers will explore how the parts are understood, what they mean to disparate societies, how they are managed, treated, and transformed, and how they are depicted and represented. The entries draw from many disciplines that are concerned to some degree or another with human bodies, including anthropology archeology, sociology, religion, political history, philosophy, art history, literary studies, and medicine. The encyclopedia proffers information on a number of cultures, tribes, and customs from East and West. Ancient practices to the latest fad, which in fact might continue ancient practices, are illuminated. Other considerations that arise in the essays include comparisons among cultures, the changing perceptions of the body, and issues of race, gender, religion, community and belonging, ethnicity, power structures, human rights.

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The Oxygen Microdermabrasion machine can give you a detoxifying Oxygen Facial which is excellent for clearing pollutants and toxins from the skin thus improving cell ...

Miccrodermabrasion Machine, Diamond & Crystal System
The Oxygen Microdermabrasion machine can give you a detoxifying Oxygen Facial which is excellent for clearing pollutants and toxins from the skin thus improving cell ...

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Radio Frequency Treatment and Slimming Machine Supplier Make your skin care and beauty care center advanced and innovative one with new line of machines for radio ...

Microdermabrasion vs Dermabrasion Treatment
Micro Dermabrasion Versus Dermabrasion. I've only had dermabrasion once about 4 years on an ugly scar I had on my face and let me tell you, dermabrasion and ...


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  • Dermabrasion

    3-1 Diamond Vacuum Dermabrasion Peeling Microdermabrasion Spray Beauty Machine - CFP

    Beauty (Dermabrasion)

    Diamond tips 9, Cotton filter 1 pack, Connector, tube rings & fuses
    Diamond Dermabrasion Machine Molde number 108 1
    PVC vacuum hose 6*4 1, Aluminum wands 3
    Available voltage: 110v - 240v, Gross weight: 2.5kg
    Ventures 3, Spray bottles 2, English manual

  • YingFengMei

    Top Beauty Diamond Microdermabrasion Dermabrasion Scrubber Peeling Skin Wrinkles Therapy

    Beauty (YingFengMei)

    With the diamond grains in heads, DERMABRASION MACHINE w/9 HEADS, through vacuum suction, grind the dead horniness and dirt out from epidermis, improve skin status, effectively decrease tiny wrinkles, smoothen some scar like acne and uneven surface of skins. It makes skin more velvet and tender, stimulate epidermis rebirth, enhance skins elastic. It is the safest, most effective way of physical skin renewal.
    Facial exfoliation and regeneration, smooth - out pimple marks and pitting, lightens melanin deposits on the skin, smooth - out wrinkles and keep skin delicate and shinning.
    The newly developed Miniature Sculpture is a kind of quick, safe and efficient skin renewal technique through shallowly physical polishing with the diamonds of different sizes inbuilt in the sculpture head. The peeling, of which the thickness can be controlled by the beautician along the texture, has good efficacy for sun-shine-aging, pigment deposition and wide pores companied with vacuum suction.
    It is a diamond peeling machine. It adopts different thickness of sculpture heads, more professionally, matches with different skin status of the clients, is more convenient used in beauty salons.
    Scrubber begins a new generation of aesthesthetic soft peeling.